This repo is ported from It has been catkinized and updated for ROS Groovy and onward.

Changes for Indigo

Changes are being tracked on a per-package basis; please see the individual package folders, or use the "Changes" link on the right side of the package pages on the ROS wiki.

Changes for Hydro

0.5.5 * Add support for Arduino Yum * Release rosserial_server

0.5.4 * Fix a bug in string deserialization where part of length field could be uninitialized (issues 74 & 76)

0.5.3 * Add rosserial_server - a C++ server implementation * Fix misc bugs including adding fixes for alignment issues on ARM processors 0.5.2 * Wire protocol change to add checksum to message length * Support empty requests * Re-integrate rosserial_xbee

Changes for Groovy/Catkin

  • Moved to catkin build system
  • Moved rosserial_xbee to experimential stack
  • Created new rosserial metapackage, with depends only on python, client and msgs.
  • Closed, integrated and/or moved all tickets to github.
  • New message generation and workflow:
  • no longer uses roslib.rospack, or roslib.gentools (and is way, WAY faster)
  • messages are no longer built at built-time (yeah, sounds ridiculous, but is true, see below for new workflow)
  • beginnings of easier porting to new platforms (the lookup table is now found in architecture-dependent packages, etc)


Please see the rosserial Tutorials on the ROS wiki to get started.