Two example programs demonstrating the vinyl-gl library.

Game2D.hs is the skeleton of a 2D side-scroller game. Background image times are drawn on screen, and the camera may be translated side-to-side and up-down to see different parts of the level.

Demo3D.hs demonstrates 3D graphics (good name, right?) with textures, mipmaps, shading, lighting, and viewports. Most of the geometry for this demo is defined in the Geometry.hs module.

The helper module Window.hs wraps up some GLFW-b interaction to provide for a simple main loop for the application writer. The helpers Keyboard2D.hs and Keyboard3D.hs connect keyboard inputs from GLFW to the camera helpers defined in GLUtil.

NOTE: A .cabal file has been provided to make dependency installation easier, but it is not recommended that these demonstration programs be installed. Instead, run cabal build in the examples directory, then run the executables directly from the dist directory cabal-install produces.